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As you read the various websites of therapists who provide services, you may find it difficult to separate out someone whom you think will meet your particular needs. Often, people who seek psychological help for the first time have a divided mind. One side is focused on the pain you feel and wants to do something to ease it. The other side is focused on how you've made it this far without help. "Besides, what will people think if they find out I''m in therapy? Once you make the decision to see someone, you need it to be a positive and helpful experience.

The service I provide is confidential and discreet. My goal is to help you understand the issues in your life and find ways to cope with them more constructively. Therapy is often not immediately effective in relieving personal pain. In fact, you might even feel worse for a time before things improve. Having someone listen to you without judgment is a very powerful experience. Just being heard, understood and validated as a person is therapeutic in itself. The understanding and perspective you gain will be helpful to you to find new ways to live and make  life-affirming choices.

I have been practicing in the Detroit Metropolitan area for nearly 25 years and have experience with a broad range of issues that people face in their daily lives.  My patients describe me as engaging, friendly and warm. I don't focus on taking notes and grunting "uh huh" occasionally during sessions; I am interactive. The academic basis of my clinical training is psychodynamic. My therapeutic style includes reflective listening, questions, stories, interpretations, education, silence, empathy, cognitive restructuring, relaxation, imaging and much more. My background includes a professional degree and a decade of professional service in the local church as a pastor. I affirm a person's spiritual life as strength in the therapy process.

Click around on my site. Give me a call. Send me an e-mail. I will be glad to talk with you about your needs. If I don't think my skills and expertise are a good match for your needs, I will direct you to someone whom I think can help you.



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